The nomination process

Nominations are are closed for 2019. Gold Apple and Award of Merit recipients will be announced on June 24 at the BC Health Care Awards gala luncheon.

Awards are for projects or initiatives improving health care delivery in BC and for individual health employees who are shining stars and inspire those around them. For a full description of each category, visit the Categories section.

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Eligibility criteria

Nominees must work for or on behalf of an HEABC member organization either as a permanent or contract employee. This includes physicians and other medical and non-medical staff not directly employed by the HEABC member employer, but working within their facility/facilities and providing care or support to people in the region.


  • Nurses, care aides, physicians, administrators
  • Human resources professionals, support staff, maintenance workers and many, many others
  • Permanent/contract employees not necessarily directly employed by the HEABC member employer but working on behalf of them

Not eligible

  • Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and members of the executive team of HEABC member organizations (i.e., the most senior leader in an organization)
  • Volunteers 

For full nomination rules and regulations click here.

How to submit a nomination?

Nominations are submitted online through the BC Health Care Awards website. Please review the "How to submit a winning nomination" guide for tips.

Is there a guide to help with submitting a nomination?

Check out these gold apple recipients' nominations from 2018 for an idea of what makes a nomination a winner!

What are judges looking for?

For Top Innovation, Dianna Mah-Jones Award of Excellence in Person-Centred Care, Collaborative Solutions and Workplace Health Innovation award

Projects must show:
  • Excellence & innovation: Demonstrates a significant improvement in practice, process or structure of the organization.
  • Leadership: Demonstrates leadership and vision in championing teamwork and collaboration and inspires others to effect positive change.
  • Best practices: Demonstrates contribution and capability, improving health care service delivery, patient care and adding value across the industry.
  • Measurable results: Demonstrates how the project has successfully achieved its goals by providing significant and measurable results.

For Health Care Hero awards

Individuals must:
  • Demonstrate a pattern of going above and beyond (give specific examples)
  • Inspire change in others (give specific examples)
  • Be admired for their achievements and respected for their dynamic professionalism and know-how
  • Have had a positive impact on health care in BC