Nomination rules & regulations

  1. Nominees must work within an HEABC member facility (or facilities) and nominations must be for work done in service to or on behalf of an HEABC member employer either as a permanent or contract employee. This includes physicians and other medical and non-medical staff not directly employed by the HEABC member employer but working within their facility/facilities and providing care or support to people in the region.

  2. Chief Executive Officers and members of the executive team of HEABC member organizations (i.e., the most senior leader in an organization) are not eligible for nomination.

  3. Volunteers are not eligible for nomination.

  4. Nominators do not have to be employed by an HEABC member. They can be patients, colleagues or other member of the public.

  5. To qualify for nomination for one of the four project-based awards, the project must have taken place during the last two calendar years (January 2017 to present). Consideration will be given to initiatives that began prior to this, but a major component must have occurred within the last two calendar years. Unsuccessful project-based nominations from previous years may be resubmitted if still within the acceptable time frame of the last two calendar years (January 2017 to present).

  6. A nomination may be entered in only one category in any year.

  7. Health Care Hero nominations can be for a lifetime of achievement or for more recent successes. Unsuccessful Health Care Hero nominations from previous years may be resubmitted as long as they meet the award rules and regulations.

  8. You cannot nominate yourself in any of the Health Care Hero categories. However, in the project-based categories you may nominate a team or initiative in which you participated.

  9. Employees who have retired or passed away may be nominated, as long as they were employed by an HEABC member within one calendar year of the date of nomination.

  10. Nominations must be submitted through the online nomination form at They may not be faxed, emailed, mailed or otherwise submitted.

  11. Nominations submitted after the official deadline will not be considered.

  12. By nominating someone, you confirm and guarantee the accuracy of all information submitted.

  13. HEABC reserves the right to confirm accuracy of the information provided in the nomination package.

  14. HEABC reserves the right to place nominations in awards categories other than the category they were submitted, if appropriate.

  15. Nominations must be supported by the HEABC member organization that employs the nominee. Information in the nomination forms (e.g., employment status/place of employment) will be verified by HEABC and the nominee's CEO or Vice-President of Human Resources must sign off on the nomination before it is presented to the judging panel.

  16. Award recipients must consent to the publication of their name(s), photo(s), video footage and information in connection with the BC Health Care Awards. This may include print, broadcast, websites, social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), etc.

  17. All entries become the property of HEABC and may be reprinted and made available to interested HEABC members and the public.